I'm a digital designer, illustrator and art director with over five years of experience across digital and print. I've worked in house for the UK's largest insurance company and for agencies in Sydney and the UK.  I believe design is one of the most powerful tools we possess and that it should be utilised for good.
In 2018 I moved to Australia on a 417 Visa which allowed me to work for six months. This unique opportunity allowed me to work and learn in an amazing new city but also to travel around four breathtaking countries before returning in 2019.
I'm currently working at Norwich's largest tech company helping them to create a world class UI for their customers. In addition to this I have a handful of freelance illustration projects on the go.
I currently have some capacity so please reach out if I can assist with any projects! I'm also frequently in London and other areas in the East of England. I have experience working internationally, having been based in Sydney for 6 months and am open to adjusting my schedule to work remotely for international clients and teams.
When I'm not working I  love listening to music, gardening, beach walks and getting stuck into a good book. I also love eating/cooking delicious food and kickboxing (I'm a blue belt).

TALKS / Wildfire Women, Brighton - 2017
JURY / Awwwards Young Jury 2018 - 2020
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